League Table JP Fanagan Premier 2

1St Marys College RFC 108023331212125016348040
2Old Wesley 108023121311814018225037
3Greystones 10604190144463219135029
4Dublin University 10604262274-12393814028
5Old Belvedere 1010993273-1801443-293-43
6UCD 1010971318-247849-411-41

Naas has withdrawn from JP Fanagan Premier 2. UCD deducted 4 points for conceding walkover to Greystones on 8th March. Old Belvedere deducted 4 points for conceding walkover to St Marys College on 8th March.

JP Fanagan Premier 2
12:30Dublin University 21vs29Greystones
Venue : College Park Referee : Eamon Sayers
13:00UCD 13vs11Old Belvedere
Venue : Belfield Bowl Referee : Carl McIntyre
15:00Old Wesley 33vs13St Marys College RFC
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Marcus Casey
12:30St Marys College RFC 50vs14UCD
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Donagh McGowan
20:00Old Belvedere 7vs17Old Wesley
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Gary Conway
12:00Dublin University 12vs33St Marys College RFC
Venue : College Park Referee : Ian Duffy
12:00UCD 3vs25Old Wesley
Venue : Belfield Bowl Referee : Mark Scoyne
12:00Greystones 15vs0Old Belvedere
Venue : Dr Hickey Park Referee : Ian Hayes
12:00UCD 16vs27Dublin University
Venue : Belfield Bowl Referee : Simon Porter
12:00Dublin University 25vs24Old Belvedere
Venue : College Park Referee : John Flynn
14:30Old Wesley 19vs17Greystones
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : David Stronge
12:00Dublin University 5vs31Old Wesley
Venue : College Park
14:30St Marys College RFC 10vs15Greystones
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Brian Montayne
20:00Old Belvedere 5vs38St Marys College RFC
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Duncan Duke
12:00Greystones 54vs3UCD
Venue : Dr Hickey Park Referee : Simon Owens
12:00Greystones 17vs19Dublin University
Venue : Dr Hickey Park Referee : Simon Owens
12:00Old Belvedere 12vs10UCD
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : John Montayne
14:30St Marys College RFC 26vs17Old Wesley
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Paul Dolan L
12:00Old Wesley 61vs8Old Belvedere
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : David Stronge
12:00UCD 6vs50St Marys College RFC
Venue : Belfield Bowl Referee : Mark Scoyne
12:00Old Wesley 55vs3UCD
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Paul Dolan L
12:00St Marys College RFC 70vs19Dublin University
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Julian Pringle
12:30Dublin University 34vs3UCD
Venue : College Park Referee : Marcus Casey
12:30Old Belvedere 7vs31Greystones
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Arthur Lynch
12:30Old Belvedere 19vs63Dublin University
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Ian Hayes
15:00Greystones 12vs22Old Wesley
Venue : Dr Hickey Park Referee : Colm Roche
12:30Old Wesley 32vs37Dublin University
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Ian Duffy
15:00Greystones 0vs43St Marys College RFC
Venue : Dr Hickey Park Referee : Karl Llewellyn
12:30St Marys College RFC vsOld Belvedere Conceded by Old Belvedere
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Jason Le Lievre
12:30UCD vsGreystones Conceded by UCD
Venue : Belfield Bowl Referee : Susan Carty