League Table Metro League - Division 6

1Clontarf 1210022571261313819191-437
2Naas 1280421816454332491033
3Monkstown 1260615813919231855029
4Wanderers 12606239201383031-13027
5St Marys College RFC 126061651623242132-1115
6Dublin University 121011103359-2561657-411-41
7Old Belvedere 1250711510411181261-210

Suttonians has withdrawn from Division 6. Old Belvedere deducted 1 point as per Reg 22.14b: Old Belvedere Div 3 team conceded walkover on 27th September and lower team played. Old Belvedere deducted 20 points for conceding walkovers against Monkstown on 29th November, Naas on 5th December, Clontarf on 17th January, Dublin University on 21st February and Monkstown on 6th March. St Marys College deducted 3 points as per Reg 22.14b: St Marys College Div 4 team conceded walkovers on 17th October & 6th March and lower team played. St Marys College deducted 8 points for conceding walkovers against Old Belvedere on 1st November and Naas on 9th January. Dublin University deducted 4 points for conceding a walkover against Monkstown on 8th November. Clontarf deducted 1 point as per Reg 22.14b: Clontarf Div 1 team conceded walkover on 7th December and lower team played. Clontarf deducted 4 points for conceding a walkover against Naas on 7th March.

Metro League - Division 6
20:00Old Belvedere 39vs12Naas
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Pat Dempsey
20:00Monkstown 10vs6St Marys College RFC
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Richard Kielthy
15:00Wanderers 27vs12Dublin University
Venue : Merrion Rd Referee : Brian Gildea
15:00Clontarf 26vs0Wanderers
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Martin Farrelly
15:00St Marys College RFC 17vs14Naas
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Andrew Cole
19:30Clontarf 29vs0Old Belvedere
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Richie English
20:00Monkstown 13vs18Wanderers
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : TBC
20:00Naas 41vs12Dublin University
Venue : Forenaughts Referee : Paddy Curran
20:00Monkstown 12vs17Naas
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Damien Molloy
12:00St Marys College RFC 22vs21Clontarf
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Brian Hughes
15:00Wanderers 21vs19Old Belvedere Trial
Venue : Merrion Rd Referee : Score
20:00Naas 24vs12Wanderers
Venue : Forenaughts Referee : Nigel Fitzpatrick
14:30Clontarf 20vs3Dublin University
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : David Jenkins
14:30Old Belvedere vsSt Marys College RFC Conceded by St Marys College RFC
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Brian Hughes
13:00Dublin University vsMonkstown Conceded by Dublin University
Venue : Santry Referee : Carl O'Meara
14:30Wanderers 20vs3St Marys College RFC
Venue : Lansdowne Road Referee : Joe Elliott
20:00Monkstown 8vs15Clontarf
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Marcus Lynch
19:30Dublin University 12vs18Old Belvedere Game in Old Belvedere RFC
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Susan Carty
20:00St Marys College RFC 25vs0Dublin University
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Martin Farrelly
14:30Clontarf 19vs8Naas
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Joe Elliott
14:30Old Belvedere vsMonkstown Conceded by Old Belvedere
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : David Jenkins
20:00St Marys College RFC 20vs19Monkstown
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Conor McSweeney
20:00Naas vsOld Belvedere Conceded by Old Belvedere
Venue : Forenaughts Referee : Brendan Molloy
14:00Dublin University 7vs60Wanderers
Venue : Merrion Rd Referee : Paul Manning
20:00Monkstown 48vs7Dublin University
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Nathan Kearns
20:00Naas vsSt Marys College RFC Conceded by St Marys College RFC
Venue : Forenaughts Referee : Richie English
14:30Wanderers 17vs34Clontarf
Venue : Lansdowne Road Referee : Eamon Sayers
14:30Dublin University 14vs60Naas
Venue : Santry Referee : Declan Conlon
14:30Old Belvedere vsClontarf Conceded by Old Belvedere
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Roland Clear
14:30Wanderers 8vs14Monkstown
Venue : Merrion Rd Referee : David Moreau
20:00Naas 25vs12Monkstown
Venue : Forenaughts Referee : Ed Doyle
14:30Clontarf 36vs22St Marys College RFC
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Hugh Early
14:30Old Belvedere 20vs18Wanderers
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Michael Gaffney
14:30St Marys College RFC 12vs19Old Belvedere
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Pierce Hederman
14:30Wanderers 27vs17Naas
Venue : Merrion Rd Referee : Patrick Mann
19:45Dublin University 24vs34Clontarf Switched to Clontarf FC
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Darragh Stevenson
19:45Clontarf 23vs22Monkstown
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Eamon Sayers
15:00Old Belvedere vsDublin University Conceded by Old Belvedere
Venue : Anglesea Road Referee : Donagh McGowan
15:00St Marys College RFC 12vs11Wanderers
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : John O'Halloran
20:00Monkstown vsOld Belvedere Conceded by Old Belvedere
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Gerard Cregan
15:00Naas vsClontarf Conceded by Clontarf
Venue : Forenaughts Referee : Paddy Curran
20:00Dublin University 12vs26St Marys College RFC Game switched to St Marys College RFC
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Marco Pietri