League Table South East J1 League - Sect A

Wicklow 440017614162261254020
Rathdrum 430199544512841013
Kilkenny 42026373-108802010
Tullow 41033981-42510-5206
Wexford Wanderers 400420175-155327-24101

Leagues are sorted based on Points awarded for a team. Where two teams have the same points - the tables looks at fixtures played between these teams. The team that won that fixture is considered to be in a higher position in the league table

South East J1 League - Sect A
15:00Rathdrum 13vs10Tullow
Venue : Ivy Leaf Grounds
15:00Wexford Wanderers 0vs67Wicklow
Venue : Park Lane
13:00Tullow 10vs5Wexford Wanderers
Venue : Black Gates
15:00Kilkenny 12vs17Rathdrum
Venue : Foulkstown
15:00Wexford Wanderers 15vs32Kilkenny
Venue : Park Lane
15:00Wicklow 49vs6Tullow
Venue : Ashtown Lane
15:00Kilkenny 5vs28Wicklow
Venue : Foulkstown
12:30Rathdrum 66vs0Wexford Wanderers
Venue : Ivy Leaf Grounds
15:00Tullow 13vs14Kilkenny
Venue : Black Gates
15:00Wicklow 32vs3Rathdrum
Venue : Ashtown Lane