League Table Metro League - Division 11

1Clontarf 760111842760024
2St Marys College RFC 850315491633023
3Stillorgan 8503124174-501021
4Normans 8404109126-172018
5Monkstown 8404270781923-415
6Bective Rangers 7304168271410-120
7Emerald Warriors 800848453-405000

There are no 4-try bonus points in this league.

Monkstown has replaced Clondalkin in this league.

Bective Rangers deducted 12 points for conceding walkovers v Clontarf on 15th October, Stillorgan on 22nd October and Monkstown on 5th November.

Monkstown deducted 4 points for conceding walkover v Clontarf on 26th November.

Metro League - Division 11
15:00Emerald Warriors 0vs41Stillorgan
Venue : Suttonians RFC Referee : Niall O\'Shea
15:00Normans 15vs0Clontarf
Venue : Sprtsground Knocktopher Kilkenny Referee : Laurence Conroy
13:00Bective Rangers 59vs5Normans
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Alan O Doherty
15:00St Marys College RFC 47vs10Emerald Warriors
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Niall O\'Shea
15:00Clontarf vsBective Rangers Conceded by Away Team
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : LLoyd Ellis Dempsey
15:00Monkstown 90vs0Emerald Warriors
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Fiona Mallen
12:30Clontarf 5vs0St Marys College RFC
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Willie Boland
15:00Monkstown 21vs22Normans Game switched to Railway Union RFC
Venue : Park Avenue Referee : Brian Gildea
15:00Stillorgan vsBective Rangers Conceded by Bective Rangers
Venue : Rockfield Park Referee : TBC
12:00Bective Rangers vsMonkstown Conceded by Bective Rangers
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : TBC
14:00Normans 0vs7St Marys College RFC
Venue : Sprtsground Knocktopher Kilkenny Referee : Anghous Ryan
14:30Emerald Warriors 6vs72Clontarf
Venue : St Marys College RFC Referee : Liam Mulloy
20:00St Marys College RFC 17vs23Bective Rangers
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Conor McSweeney
14:30Emerald Warriors 3vs51Normans
Venue : St Marys College RFC Referee : Stephen Hewer
14:30Stillorgan 15vs16Clontarf
Venue : Rockfield Park Referee : Niall O Shea
19:45Monkstown 7vs12St Marys College RFC
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Marco Pietri
13:30Normans 10vs11Stillorgan
Venue : Sprtsground Knocktopher Kilkenny Referee : William N Murphy
14:00Bective Rangers 86vs5Emerald Warriors
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Brian Gildea
14:00Clontarf vsMonkstown Conceded by Monkstown
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Anghous Ryan
14:00St Marys College RFC 8vs10Stillorgan
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Anghous Ryan
19:45St Marys College RFC 26vs22Monkstown
Venue : Templeville Rd Referee : Damien Molloy
14:00Clontarf 25vs6Normans
Venue : Castle Avenue Referee : Joe McDermott
14:00Stillorgan 29vs10Emerald Warriors
Venue : Rockfield Park Referee : Gerard Cregan
20:00Emerald Warriors 14vs37St Marys College RFC
Venue : St Marys College RFC Referee : Matthew O'Driscoll
14:00Monkstown 64vs18Stillorgan
Venue : Sydney Parade Referee : Killian McCarthy
14:00Normans vsBective Rangers Conceded by Bective Rangers
Venue : Sprtsground Knocktopher Kilkenny
14:30Stillorgan 0vs66Monkstown
Venue : Three Rock Rovers Referee : Fiona Mallen
14:30Emerald Warriors vsMonkstown
Venue : St Marys College RFC
14:30Stillorgan vsNormans
Venue : Rockfield Park Referee : Anghous Ryan
15:00Bective Rangers vsClontarf
Venue : Donnybrook
11:30Clontarf vsStillorgan
Venue : Castle Avenue
15:00Bective Rangers vsStillorgan
Venue : Donnybrook
15:00Normans vsMonkstown
Venue : Sprtsground Knocktopher Kilkenny
15:00St Marys College RFC vsClontarf
Venue : Templeville Rd
15:00Clontarf vsEmerald Warriors
Venue : Castle Avenue
15:00Monkstown vsBective Rangers
Venue : Sydney Parade
15:00St Marys College RFC vsNormans
Venue : Templeville Rd
15:00Bective Rangers vsSt Marys College RFC
Venue : Donnybrook
15:00Normans vsEmerald Warriors
Venue : Sprtsground Knocktopher Kilkenny
15:00Emerald Warriors vsBective Rangers
Venue : St Marys College RFC
15:00Monkstown vsClontarf
Venue : Sydney Parade
15:00Stillorgan vsSt Marys College RFC
Venue : Three Rock Rovers