League Table Senior League - Division 1A - Section A

1St Andrews College530213667694016
2St Fintans High School530210789183015
3The Kings Hospital5302817830012
4Kilkenny College52038390-74012
5Cistercian College Roscrea53027396-230012
6CBC Monkstown510468128-60105

The results of CUS have been declared null and void in this league. All their results and fixtures have been removed.

Senior League - Division 1A - Section A
14:30CBC Monkstown 24vs11The Kings Hospital
Venue : CBC Referee : Michael Forrestal (Pending)
14:30St Andrews College 20vs21St Fintans High School
Venue : St Andrews Referee : Simon Owens (Pending)
14:30Cistercian College Roscrea 18vs17CBC Monkstown
Venue : Cistercian-Roscrea Referee : Clive Wardrop (Pending)
14:30Kilkenny College 3vs20St Andrews College
Venue : Kilkenny College Referee : William N Murphy (Pending)
14:30St Fintans High School 21vs12The Kings Hospital
Venue : TBC Referee : Steve Moens (S) (Pending)
14:30CBC Monkstown 15vs29Kilkenny College
Venue : CBC Referee : John Flynn (Pending)
15:00St Andrews College 36vs23Cistercian College Roscrea
Venue : Merrion Road Referee : David Moreau (Pending)
14:30Kilkenny College 25vs21St Fintans High School
Venue : Kilkenny College Referee : Paddy Curran (Pending)
14:30St Andrews College 17vs20The Kings Hospital
Venue : St Andrews Referee : Jason Le Lievre (Pending)
14:30St Fintans High School 27vs12CBC Monkstown
Venue : TBC Referee : David Moreau (Pending)
15:00The Kings Hospital 16vs0Cistercian College Roscrea
Venue : Kings Hospital Referee : Dudley Phillips (Pending)
14:00St Fintans High School 17vs20Cistercian College Roscrea
Venue : TBC Referee : Simon Owens (Pending)
15:00The Kings Hospital 22vs16Kilkenny College
Venue : Kings Hospital Referee : Jason Le Lievre (Pending)
14:30CBC Monkstown 0vs43St Andrews College
Venue : CBC Referee : Barry Armstrong (Pending)
14:30Cistercian College Roscrea 12vs10Kilkenny College
Venue : Cistercian-Roscrea Referee : Clive Wardrop (Pending)