League Table Metro League - Division 9

1Bective Rangers 1210022551321230040
2Dublin University 127143221871353033
3Kilkenny 12714212157552032
4Old Wesley 12804292232601-429
5A.I.B 12606195163321025
6BGF Ravens 1230998281-1832014
7Gorey 12001230252-2222-12-10

Gorey deducted 12 points for conceding walkovers v AIB on 26th September, v Old Wesley on 10th October and v BGF Ravens on 7th November.

Old Wesley deducted 4 points for conceding walkover v Kilkenny on 5th December.

Metro League - Division 9
15:00A.I.B vsGorey Conceded by Gorey
Venue : DCU Sports Complex Referee : Andrew Sheehan (Pending)
15:00Dublin University 29vs6Bective Rangers
Venue : Santry Referee : Paul Stapleton (Pending)
15:00Old Wesley 33vs24Kilkenny
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Ronan Harris (Pending)
15:00Bective Rangers 30vs21Old Wesley
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Gerard Cregan (Pending)
15:00BGF Ravens 8vs26A.I.B
Venue : Mount Temple School Referee : Damien Deegan (Pending)
15:00Gorey 7vs26Dublin University
Venue : Clonattin Referee : Richard Kielthy (Pending)
15:00A.I.B 10vs28Dublin University
Venue : DCU Sports Complex Referee : Andrew Sheehan (Pending)
15:00BGF Ravens 17vs16Kilkenny Note switch of venue to Coolmine RFC
Venue : Coolmine RFC Referee : Marco Pietri (Pending)
15:30Old Wesley vsGorey Conceded by Gorey
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Malcolm Fowler (Pending)
12:00Dublin University 5vs41Old Wesley
Venue : Santry Referee : Declan O Sullivan (Pending)
12:45Bective Rangers 37vs5BGF Ravens
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Damien Deegan (Pending)
13:00A.I.B 41vs7Kilkenny
Venue : DCU Sports Complex Referee : Gerard Cregan (Pending)
14:30BGF Ravens vsGorey Conceded by Gorey
Venue : Mount Temple School Referee : Brian Gildea (Pending)
14:30Kilkenny 5vs6Bective Rangers
Venue : Foulkstown Referee : Richard Kielthy (Pending)
15:30Old Wesley 46vs38A.I.B
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Andre Hillerbrand (Pending)
14:30A.I.B 14vs16Bective Rangers
Venue : DCU Sports Complex
14:30Gorey 0vs18Kilkenny
Venue : Clonattin Referee : Bryan Murphy (Pending)
14:30Dublin University 24vs19BGF Ravens
Venue : Santry Referee : Paul Manning (Pending)
19:30Bective Rangers 42vs0Gorey
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Nigel Fitzpatrick (Pending)
14:30Kilkenny 30vs25Dublin University
Venue : Foulkstown Referee : Ken Sutton (Pending)
14:00Bective Rangers 15vs12Dublin University
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Damien Deegan (Pending)
14:00Kilkenny vsOld Wesley Conceded by Old Wesley
Venue : Foulkstown Referee : Declan Doyle (Pending)
20:00Dublin University 60vs0Gorey
Venue : College Park Referee : Padraic Reidy (Pending)
12:00Old Wesley 10vs52Bective Rangers
Venue : Donnybrook
14:00Old Wesley 25vs3BGF Ravens
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Tom Tuohy (Pending)
14:30Gorey 0vs29A.I.B
Venue : Clonattin Referee : Declan O Sullivan (Pending)
14:30A.I.B 13vs10BGF Ravens
Venue : DCU Sports Complex Referee : Brian Gildea (Pending)
14:30Dublin University 5vs7A.I.B
Venue : Santry Referee : Refs (Pending)
14:30Gorey 10vs27Old Wesley
Venue : Clonattin Referee : Brian Gildea (Pending)
14:30Kilkenny 24vs0BGF Ravens
Venue : Foulkstown Referee : Michael Carbery (Pending)
12:30BGF Ravens 0vs24Bective Rangers
Venue : Mount Temple School Referee : Refs (Pending)
15:00Kilkenny 19vs5A.I.B
Venue : Foulkstown Referee : Andre Hillerbrand (Pending)
15:00Old Wesley 31vs36Dublin University
Venue : Ballycorus Rd Referee : Refs (Pending)
14:00Bective Rangers 13vs26Kilkenny
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Paul Manning (Pending)
14:00Gorey 0vs7BGF Ravens
Venue : Clonattin Referee : David Bolger (Pending)
19:45A.I.B 12vs24Old Wesley Game switched to Old Wesley RFC
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Refs (Pending)
15:00Bective Rangers vsA.I.B Conceded by A.I.B
Venue : Donnybrook Referee : Patrick MacNamee (Pending)
15:00Kilkenny 29vs3Gorey
Venue : Foulkstown Referee : Barry Dempsey (Pending)
15:00BGF Ravens 22vs34Old Wesley
Venue : Mount Temple School Referee : Pierce Hederman (Pending)
15:00Dublin University 14vs14Kilkenny
Venue : Santry Referee : Ronan Harris (Pending)
15:00Gorey 10vs14Bective Rangers
Venue : Clonattin Referee : Laurence Conroy (Pending)
14:00BGF Ravens 7vs58Dublin University
Venue : Mount Temple School Referee : Stephen Hewer (Pending)